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Jean says that an idea and a laptop are enough to change the world ! Graduate in computer science at Laval University, he is chosen to obtain a scholarship in artificial intelligence. Very early, Jean is noticed by a New York firm to work on high frequency trading algorithms. He will then have the chance to work in what is called Fortune 500 companies on many large projects. This is when he will notice the burden on sales teams to produce bids. Inventor at heart and wanting to improve things, he will design algorithms in artificial intelligence to simplify the submission process. Today, being Umaneo's CEO pushes him to give the best of himself and provides him with the opportunity to be in continuous learning. Although he is particularly fond of listening to the needs of customers to provide useful and innovative solutions, Jean can use his visionary side by being responsible for the strategic decisions of the company.
Jean Morissette
CEO — Co-Founder
Graduate in industrial computer science, Martin becomes a master of programming by sharpening his art over the years in the largest computer firms in Quebec. Driven by challenges, Martin constantly seeks to stand out from the competition. In charge of studying new technological opportunities, his exceptional technical skills and his knowledge of bid processes allows him to realize to their full potential the ambitious development projects of Umaneo. Martin wants to make a real impact in the world, he aims to shape better environments of work by simplifying the tasks of companies and their employees. With his hard work and his boundless perseverance, for him, nothing is insurmountable.
Martin Labrecque
CTO — Co-Founder
Denis holds a master's degree in marketing and began his career in the technology sector and then moved to the financial sector. His coming to Umaneo is something of a homecoming for him. Passionate about new technologies and their application, Denis uses his creativity and expertise to contribute to the strategic development of Umaneo.
Denis Côté
VP Strategy and Partnerships
As Head of Operations, Moïka ensures the business runs smoothly on many levels, notably in hiring and onboarding employees, as well as project management. Moïka has always cultivated an interest in the intersection of art and technology. The user experience is a passion of her’s: technology is only useful if the user is making its best use of it. At Umaneo, she leverages this passion and her experience in helping clients reach their objectives, all the while making sure they are having a seamless experience. Moïka is an essential leader for Umaneo in maintaining its exceptional work culture.
Moïka Sauvé
Director of Operations
Nicolas is a skilled professional in deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and information extraction. He is also an Information Technology Ph.D. candidate at Laval University and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. Nicolas founded Machine Learning Québec in 2017, an artificial intelligence community that organizes events for students and enthusiasts of the industry. Keen to share is knowledge, he is also a teacher, a project evaluator and he creates tutorials and publishes articles. Umaneo is proud to collaborate with Nicolas, a young expert that can easily balance calmness and patience with precision and efficiency, making any type of work a whole lot easier.
Nicolas Garneau
Machine Learning Research Scientist
Tabish is a Data Scientist at Umaneo, developing natural language processing (NLP) applications. He graduated in Electrical Engineering, and have been involved in AI research across multiple domains, including computer vision and neuroevolution. His quicklearning abilities and discipline also translate into his passions for boxing and climbing.
Tabish Ashfaq
Machine Learning Research Scientist
Currently completing her bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in marketing, Mahéli is the first point of contact with our customers. Always attentive, she truly embodies the Aloha spirit and will accompany you throughout your experience at Umaneo. In her spare time, she enjoys caring for others and can also show you some yogic breathing techniques!
Mahéli Sauvé
Business Development Director
Throughout his career, Pierre has conducted roles ranging from functional to operational responsibilities. To this day, he remains actively involved in projects he is passionate about, including his ongoing role at Umaneo. Pierre is an Engineering graduate from Télécom Lille in France and has worked for decades in European research and development centers prior to his move to Quebec. Throughout his career, Pierre has worked through the cycles of public and private tenders, bringing this key expertise to Umaneo’s supply chain solutions. In his involvement with Umaneo, Pierre’s responsibilities include software development and technological support. Finally, Pierre’s leadership experience also empowers him to act as project manager on select initiatives.
Pierre Martel
Technological Mentor — Eng.
Maxime has accumulated over 20 years of experience as a software engineer and senior researcher in AI, statistics and NLP. Throughout his experiences at Umaneo, University of Laval, Thales and Udacity, he had the opportunity of putting his expertise into practice as a researcher and developer for several R&D Research and Development projects. Maxime participated in the writing of 7 scientific articles. He worked as a project manager and senior software engineer for several companies and alongside multidisciplinary teams. He managed a 750 person-day project involving 8 software engineers as well as a full software development lifecycle for mission-critical services and high-volume databases.
Maxime Leclerc
Machine Learning Research Scientist
Heitor Costa
UX/UI Designer
Olivier Martel Savoie
Product Designer
Taher Fendri
Full-Stack Software Developer
Sébastian Czech
Front-End Software Developer
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