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Jean says that an idea and a laptop are enough to change the world ! Graduate in computer science at Laval University, he is chosen to obtain a scholarship in artificial intelligence. Very early, Jean is noticed by a New York firm to work on high frequency trading algorithms. He will then have the chance to work in what is called Fortune 500 companies on many large projects. This is when he will notice the burden on sales teams to produce bids. Inventor at heart and wanting to improve things, he will design algorithms in artificial intelligence to simplify the submission process. Today, being Umaneo's CEO pushes him to give the best of himself and provides him with the opportunity to be in continuous learning. Although he is particularly fond of listening to the needs of customers to provide useful and innovative solutions, Jean can use his visionary side by being responsible for the strategic decisions of the company.
Jean Morissette
CEO — Co-founder
Jérôme advocates education, added value and productivity. His specialty: to make data talk. It's not easy, but with his academic background more than complete, his multiple job experiences, as well as his rigor at work and his resourcefulness, Jerome brilliantly makes it work ! At Laval University, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a Certificate in Computer Science and an Integrated Bachelor's degree in Economics and Mathematics, he even started a Master's degree in Economics. Jérôme combines programming, mathematics, statistics and data analysis to meet the needs of the business. A great sportsman, he is constantly on the lookout for new challenges to be tackled both in the sports he practices and in the many fields that interests him. In life, Jérôme prefers to work with sociable and organized colleagues, so he is fulfilled at Umaneo!
Jérôme Bédard
Data scientist
Entrepreneur and advisor, Sébastien is involved in more than a dozen startups, and he loves it! At Umaneo, he focuses on go-to-market strategies. For example, he helped set up a repeatable SaaS commercialization process. Sébastien's work allows Umaneo to refine its value proposition and strengthen the positioning of the solution Aloha App on the market. He is passionate about what he does, and that is reflected a lot in his work. Always patient and jovial, Sébastien offers the team relevant tools, good sales practices and sound advice.
Sébastien Leduc
Strategic advisor
Nicolas is a skilled professional in deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and information extraction. He is also an Information Technology Ph.D. candidate at Laval University and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. Nicolas founded Machine Learning Québec in 2017, an artificial intelligence community that organizes events for students and enthusiasts of the industry. Keen to share is knowledge, he is also a teacher, a project evaluator and he creates tutorials and publishes articles. Umaneo is proud to collaborate with Nicolas, a young expert that can easily balance calmness and patience with precision and efficiency, making any type of work a whole lot easier.
Nicolas Garneau
Technology advisor
Graduate in industrial computer science, Martin becomes a master of programming by sharpening his art over the years in the largest computer firms in Quebec. Driven by challenges, Martin constantly seeks to stand out from the competition. In charge of studying new technological opportunities, his exceptional technical skills and his knowledge of bid processes allows him to realize to their full potential the ambitious development projects of Umaneo. Martin wants to make a real impact in the world, he aims to shape better environments of work by simplifying the tasks of companies and their employees. With his hard work and his boundless perseverance, for him, nothing is insurmountable.
Martin Labrecque
CTO — Co-founder
Jessica has a Bachelor's degree in Language Science and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Computer Linguistics at Laval University's Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Working these days as a researcher in natural language processing (NLP), she has also been a research assistant in the computer science and software engineering department of Laval University. Her various NLP projects have allowed her to perfect herself, amongst other things, in semantic analysis and automatic correction. At Umaneo, Jessica evolves as a researcher in natural language processing by working on the matching of requests to products.
Jessica Carrier
Researcher NLP
Pierre chose an active and useful retirement at the end of a career alternating functional positions and operational responsibilities. His area of expertise started with tube electronics and has evolved with modern computer components and their use. Being a French engineer who graduated from Télécom Lille, Pierre spent his entire career as an official of the French State before settling in Quebec. In many organizations that have employed him, Pierre has developed, answered and won invitations to tender from public and private organizations, and brings his knowledge of the processes, the rules and the contents of tenders, heart of the activity of Umaneo. In the company, Pierre helps with the programming and technological support of various facets of the project. His experiences also allow him to support Jean, CEO of Umaneo, in the uncertainties that can live a leader of any company.
Pierre Martel
Technological mentor — Eng.
Postgraduate in communication sciences, Cynthia is our customer champion! Always there for our clients, she starts each day with determination and a smile, thus perfectly transmitting the Aloha spirit. She enjoys finishing a day with one more satisfied client and seeing Umaneo making a difference with both experienced organizations and new SMEs. Currently located in Switzerland and fluent in French, English, German and Italian, she takes care of customers in North America. Do not let the distance of the Atlantic fool you: Cynthia's energy is contagious and despite the distance, it is as if she is sitting next to her colleagues! She joined the team along the way, and yet it seems like she has been part of the adventure since Day 1!
Cynthia Benassi
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Philippe Tessier
Full Stack Software Developer
Andres Lou Rios
AI Software Developer
Recently graduating in computer science, Moïka has always cultivated an interest in the intersection of art and technology. The user experience is a passion of hers: technology can only be useful if the user is making its best use of it.
Having experimented the wonderful world of startups in the last 2 years, she’s joining Umaneo with a mission to help the Aloha Tenders platform move forward. Close to her team and being a people-person, she’s already embodying the Aloha spirit, even if she’s only arrived at the beginning of the year.
When Moïka isn’t developing, her creative side brings her to paint, do some photography and illustration. And you might see here on a ski slope or in the Laurentians, as she’s an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors!
Moïka Sauvé
Front-End Software Developer
Maxime Leclerc
AI Software Developer
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