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Hi! We’re Umaneo! Human first, and transforming the daily lives of enterprises. How? We’re developing a smart solution for bidding responses. We bring pleasure to the work of our customers by facilitating and automating their responses to tenders.

We put all our efforts and talent towards the development of this game-changing product. We like things well done, clean-code and design that makes everybody’s lives easier. We expect that you share these interests.

We will trust you. We want to be a partner of your evolution as a professional and as a human being. You better believe it! Your great coding skills are invaluable, but so are all your other assets. At Umaneo, we like to be whole. And to work as a team.

We specialize in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, UX and web application development.

We’re an AI startup proudly located here in Québec City. Our perfect mix : quality of life + changing the world!

We’re also:

●  A small team that’s mature, professional, full of talents: we complete each other and have fun working together

●  People who aren’t afraid to go beyond their ‘job description’

●  A team who’s also creative and bold in defining our organization and practices

●  A constant attention to delightful details and great user experience

●  People who are proud to deliver top quality and who give themselves the time to do it

Specifics please! We’re always on the search for:

●  Software developers (Vue.JS)

●  AI NLP experts, data scientists

●  Sales experts


Extra infos for geeks:

●  Our web application is built in Vue.JS:

●  Our backend runs on Java and graphQL

●  We have a PDF convertor using Go that also does OCR and is based on open source libraries

●  We develop AI programs in Python with Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, XGBoost and many more state of the art libraries

●  All our code goes through pull requests, is reviewed and deployed using continuous integration

●  We believe in agile principles and use the scrum method

●  We have a solid AI and NLP team, complementary to the dev team

●  We love tools that make our life easier: modern, fast and efficient

●  We are not afraid of change

OK, I’m interested! Even more infos?

●  We have flexible schedules

●  You choose what you want to work with: we’ve got people on Mac, PC and Linux

●  Competitive salary, and for a startup, we already have great benefits, which we work hard to maintain and increase!

If you also believe that your work can have a positive impact on people’s lives and in yours, we want to meet you!

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