Find your tenders in record time.

Aloha Tenders acts as an aggregator of public markets which allows you to accelerate the identification and the qualification of the public markets most relevant for your business.
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Significant benefits for your business

Optimize your time

Don't waste any more time looking for the best tenders for your company, we find the tenders corresponding to your search criteria.

Increase your win rate

By spending less time researching tenders, you can focus on what really matters: The quality of your response.

Don't miss any more opportunities

The main fear of missing opportunities is now a thing of the past. Our robots supported by our artificial intelligence take care of everything.

We are reinventing the search for opportunity

Public markets

Our robots currently cover Canadian public markets: provincial tenders from Quebec, Ontario and those issued by the federal government of Canada. Coverage of other territories is planned soon.

Artificial intelligence

To understand a tender and know if it is relevant to you, we use one of our specialties: artificial intelligence.

Daily email summary

To make sure you don't miss out on opportunities, we send you an email every evening with the latest public markets found in the past 24 hours.

All in one place

Don't waste any more time looking for your calls for tenders on the various market places. Now you can focus on the quality of your response.

coming soon

  • Custom Keywords
  • Business Intelligence
  • Extraction of relevant content
  • Smart summary generation
  • Metrics

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