Jérôme Bédard

Data Scientist
Jérôme advocates education, added value and productivity. His specialty: to make data talk. It's not easy, but with his academic background more than complete, his multiple job experiences, as well as his rigor at work and his resourcefulness, Jerome brilliantly makes it work ! At Laval University, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, a Certificate in Computer Science and an Integrated Bachelor's degree in Economics and Mathematics, he even started a Master's degree in Economics. Jérôme combines programming, mathematics, statistics and data analysis to meet the needs of the business. A great sportsman, he is constantly on the lookout for new challenges to be tackled both in the sports he practices and in the many fields that interests him. In life, Jérôme prefers to work with sociable and organized colleagues, so he is fulfilled at Umaneo!

SOLID Machine Learning