Hélène-Sarah Bécotte

Data Scientist — Ph.D.
Hélène-Sarah is passionate about translating life in mathematic equations in order to understand it better or to make good decisions. Her biggest dream is to create a Unusual Research Centre. More specifically, she holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Polytechnique Montréal. She previously obtained her Masters in Analytical Management Methods and her B.A.A. Operations Management Specialization. During her career, she was also a lecturer at the Department of Decision Sciences at HEC Montréal and coordinator for the IVADO Data Philanthropy Hub. At Umaneo, Hélène-Sarah evolves as a data scientist where she merges perfectly her scientific experience and her extraordinary human and interpersonal skills. Hélène-Sarah embodies dynamism : she is always ready for a pitch competition or a run! For her, Umaneo's meant to be is to put happiness and ease into business processes, even when they can be as cumbersome and complex as submitting to public tenders.
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